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Originally Posted by SIUC4 View Post
There are a few too many errors in this blog, and this is a blog, not legal legislation, and there is actually legislation on this matter, coming from the afore mentioned supreme court ruling...I have many LEO buddies in states such as GA and TX and they all laught at the fact that the LEOs here in IL are worried about more danger...
You are ill-informed. There is NO statute in Illinois regarding guns that specifically references "center consoles." You won't see it which is why you can't find it (that, and because you are asking other members of this thread to do the work so that you don't have to ). The Supreme Court decision that has been given to you (a few times now) contains CASE LAW. You should take a few minutes to review what case law is and how it affects the application of the law on the street.

What has been said to you, a few times now, is that Illinois law requires firearms to be secured in a case during transportation to avoid prosecution until the UUW law. The Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled that in some cases, many types of "center consoles" meet the requirements established in the "closed case" mandate under the law. But in many cases, a firearm transported in a center console may not be sufficient to protect you from prosecution under the Wildlife Code which has somewhat different requirements.

Now, in the next legislative session, you MAY see language pop up in a bill with the words "center console" because of the recent decision. But as of yet, no such language exists.
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