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I have bought half a dozen or so guns from Bud's over the last few years.
Never financed or used layaway.
They are a good company and always had fast shipping and did exactly
what they advertised. My guns always arrived well boxed and new.

If you are considering the layaway or finance plan, read the language
carefully. For items over $500 for a year layaway you don't get the
Bud's price you pay the retail price, you also have to pay an extra
lifetime warranty fee which is 5% of the selling price.
No interest, but you pay extra.

If you apply for the credit and use the layaway plan, be sure to read
and understand the details. If you don't make the minimum monthly
payment on time, you are then subject to all kinds of penalty and
high finance charges, that's where they get you. Be Careful.
"Caveat Emptor".

I would check around at my local gunshops. Some have layaway plans
and decent prices. You may find a better deal and be able to pay locally
to pay it off faster.
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