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Originally Posted by 05FLHT View Post
Not necessarily so. More information on US vs Skoien here -

Short of The SCOTUS setting the level of scrutiny in McDonald vs. Chicago, strict scrutiny will be used in the 7th circuit when addressing the "core" Second Amendment issue of "self defense."

Off the top of my head, carry challenges have already been filed in DC, California (two that I know of) and the SC of NY or NJ (I can't remember) just denied hearing a case. I have pretty good suspicion that if a challenge in the 7th circuit has not already been written, there will be one ready to go post McDonald.

On a side note, where are Daley and Madigan going to get the $$$ to fight any of this. The handwriting is on the wall for McDonald as it is not a question of "if," but of "how" to incorporate the Second. The flagship "Chicago" is sinking fast in a big sea of taxpayer unrest and blatant corruption.
Yes, the handwriting is on the wall for McDonald. But take some time and read about what Supreme Court decisions actually accomplish and HOW. They are EXTREMELY limited in their scope. The issue in McDonald will ultimately decide whether or not the precedent set in the Heller decision will apply to the states (read = whether or not Chicago's and similar gun bans and registration are Constitutional). McDonald WILL NOT ESTABLISH CONCEALED CARRY IN ILLINOIS. Why? Because that is NOT the issue before the Court. All the sheeple thought Heller would set them free too. But it didn't. Because SCOTUS decisions are limited to the EXACT and PRECISE question posed to the Court. There is no CONCEALED CARRY provision in the legal argument in McDonald. The only argument will center around whether or not Chicago's gun ban and registration are Constitutional.

Even if gun bans are ruled unConstitutional in McDonald, the legislature would still have to introduce and pass a concealed carry bill and the governor would have to sign it. MICHAEL MADIGAN WILL NOT CALL THAT BILL FOR A VOTE. Ever. He'll die first. Why, at I-GOLD last year (which I attended) did a democratic Governor Quinn so quickly vow that he would sign a CCW bill if it was passed? Because... he has EVERY CONFIDENCE that the bill will never be read on the floor, much less make it out of committee.

Federal district court rulings in other districts outside of Illinois will have zero influence on Illinois law.

Please....... PLEASE...... figure out what you're talking about before you spew this stuff publicly. You just clearly don't understand how the principles here are working.
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