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Originally Posted by isp2605 View Post
What Volsbear said. McDonald, like Heller, is not about CCW. It is about registration. Even if the USSC finds for McDonald it has no bearing at all on CCW.
Madigan doesn't need any dollars to fight CCW. All he has to do is exactly like he's done every year in the past - just don't let the bills on the floor for a vote.
With all due respect, I never said that Heller, or McDonald for that matter was in regards to to carry. They both are however directly related to the keeping and bearing of arms. Heller declared the right of the individual, over the collective, and McDonald deals with incorporating the right against the States.

If, and when, a challenge is brought to the fact the Illinois restricts the right of citizens to lawfully bear arms (openly or concealed), the level of scrutiny used in the 7th Circuit is set at strict for the "core" Second Amendment issue of "self defense." I could be wrong, but I do not think "broken down into a non-functioning state," "inaccessible" or "unloaded and encased" is going to pass muster.
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