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Originally Posted by Fishin6061 View Post
Well I have joined the .357 club with a G32 and need to choose ammo. I can get ranger Tís from an LEO friend, but was also considering gold dots. What do yall think? Thanks
I've had problems with the Speer GoldDots bullets setting back in the silver nickel plated brass. I usually only carry CorBon for defense conceal carry because they put a deep canalure in their bullets and crimp their brass into it virtually eliminating the possibility of any setback problems, however I have been carrying DoubleTaps in 125 and 147 grain because of the sheer amazing amount of speed they get out of the muzzle. I've only been using them recently beause of velocity and they use a bonded golddot bullet. That gives a good balance of penetration and expansion.
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