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Originally Posted by long shot View Post
It's been a long time. Good to see folks like Fastbolt are still around.

Regarding Dr. Roberts ... yes, he is a dentist. IIRC, he performs reconstructive surgery as a specialty. He's also respected by many as a ballistics expert who has been contracted to test for some of the nations largest LE agencies as well as various military operations (to include MEU's), etc. In addition, Dr. Roberts has attended/observed shooting related autopsies and was also a Naval officer as well as a LE officer.

As far as the IWBA/FBI testing protocol ... it has quite simply, had a profound impact on ammunition as we know it today. Every major ammunition manufacturer has bent over backwards to meet the specifications of the IWBA/FBI when it comes to their top of the line duty ammunition. And in doing so, there has been some excellent loads developed as a result. Loads like: Speer Gold Dot ... Federal HST ... Winchester Ranger ... etc.

Testing conducted through various inanimate barriers such as clothing, plywood/drywall, windshields, car panels, etc... is certainly relevant, given the fact that bullets in the real world must most often first pass through one or more of these inanimate barriers prior to striking the primary target.

and here I thought Glock Talk was populated only by the Courtney fanatics.
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