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Mossberg 930 SPX, Great Value

If your thinking of purchasing a Tactical Automatic Shotgun take a look at the Mossberg 930 SPX. This special purpose shotgun is chambered for 2 3/3 or 3” comes with an 18 barrel, 7+1 magazine capacity with the magazine extension, Picatinny rail, LPA/ M16 style ghost ring sights. I’ve had my 930 SPX for about three months and have shot everything from 3”00 Buck shot down to 2 3/4 low brass 100 round Federal value pack from Wal-Mart with out one malfunction. I paid $657.00 out the door at Dick’s.
I think in today’s economy this is a great gun for a great price. If you want to see the gun in action check out the Mossberg 930 SPX Range Review on Youtube.

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