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Originally Posted by N/Apower View Post
The BTT has no correlation to flesh, and the makers of it don't care. The only thing it is good for is telling you how a bullet performs in the BTT, with regard to "TC" in the BTT. Beyond that, any correlation has not been defined. Due to the inelaxtic nature of the substance, it would seem pointless to compare it to an animal or human.
As English's excellent post describes calibrated gelatin doesn't replicate living human flesh or tissue. It's an approximation of the consistency of soft human tissue that allows the medium to test a narrow window of data. With that in mind I'd hardly say those who make gel "don't care".

Bullet Test Tube makes no claims to replicating living human flesh or tissue but does state that their formula is consistent to the degree that a calculation can be made to compare with a bullet's penetration of gel.

I see no logic in accepting one artificial but consistent test medium while rejecting another artificial, consistent test medium.
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