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No, the 930 is a semi auto and it has a buffer tube and recoil spring (kinda like an AR15 setup) so no collapsible, folding or pistol grip for now. Benelli has a cool military collapsible stock for the Benelli M4 shotgun which in theory, if it can be made for that semi auto shotgun then someone could hypothetically make one for the 930SPX?

At the moment only Choate makes an after market pistol grip buttstock which I have. I like it but it would be nice to have a choice in styles. I am just glad its not an ATI.

I preffer traditional buttstocks on pump shotguns but for a semi auto I actually like the pistol grip since I dont have to worry about "shucking" a pump action on it. With the ghost ring sights and pistol grip...its like shooting a really big bore AR15 in a way.
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