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Originally Posted by glock20c10mm View Post
Since I just reposted a lot of the info we talked about days ago, and you had mentioned going through/over some of the numbers yourself to see how you thought they panned out, did that ever happen, and if it did, did you arrive at any conclusions or form any new opinions or maybe think about things in ways you hadn't thought of before? Or didn't you get the chance to dig into it yet? I've been quite curious to hear your thoughts.

I don't really buy into TBI's causing incapacitation, however, I do think that TC is more important than Fackler's camp would propose. I have looked at a lot of stuff, and I think on a non-determined attacker, TC matters. Against a determined, 100% committed assailant, I think CNS disruption or 20% blood-volume loss, or blood-pressure loss, or oxygen deprivation (double pneumothorax, basically) are the only ways to get a stop.

To put it in perspective, I feel that a 9mm bullet at .6" diameter expanded is going to stop someone a lot more effectively than if I were to stab them with a .6" piece of re-bar. Both would be fatal (depending on location), but I do think the "shock" of the 1200fps projectile vs. the poke from my re-bar would matter. How much, I cannot say, but I cannot believe that TC is totally worthless after reviewing the evidence at hand.

NYPD has a damn lot of stories of the 9mm not putting the BG down too! I can't say definitively if this matters or not, because the report I read did not say where the assailant was hit, though, and obviously 10 shots to the thighs and buttocks is not going to kill unless the femoral is hit or something. You don't hear these stories about the 357SIG, and it's not like NYPD is using junk ammo in the 9. Just food for thought.

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