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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post

First keep in mind that everything has to be thought out with children in mnd. That is can they get to them? Make sure they can't!

Now here is the best way I know.

1. Get a light switch box (one of those metal ones that go in the wall where the electric lines go. Kind of like a junction box.) Now you will find usually a J frame .38 will fit in if you cut the top of the switch box out so the gun rest muzzle up. Do so and add felt so the .38 wonít be scratched.
2. Get a plastic light switch face to match and a couple of light switch toggles.
3. Get some magnetic strips.
4. And some epoxy.

Make sure they match the light switch style of all your other switches.

Now cut into the sheetrock and install the box. Screw the box into the 2x4s behind the sheetrock (of course use a studfinder to find the 2x4s and cut to the side of them.) Epoxy the magnetic strips to the box AND the plastic light switch cover. Do this in a way so it cannot be seen from the sides.

Also epoxy the toggles on the plastic light switch cover. It would be nice if you can get the toggles and the pivots to work so the toggles do work up and down.

Once built you will now have an honest looking light switch that you can just grab the toggle and take the plastic switch cover off and grab the pistol.

These can be planted all over the house at heights kids canít reach so well.

And there are other sneeky places I know I'm not talking about in this forum that are even better.

That's a cool idea. Thanks for sharing.
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