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Originally Posted by Chowser View Post
Not sure what cost difference between HK45 and HK45C are, but my dealer told me the 45C was going to cost me $891. I decided to get the USP Compact in .45 instead because it's smaller and was $738. But then again, after trying to source magazines ($65-$75@), I might just cancel the order. I was hoping it would be in the $30-$33 range that I paid for all my P2000 .357 magazines.

Maybe a .45 just isn't for me. Or not a .45 HK since magazine prices are outrageous.
i heard its because H&K is one of the few companies that make both the magazine and the weapon in house instead of outsourcing it out to another company like Mecgar - its prohibitively expensive to do it this way
He's actually wrong, after 8-9 shots with a 9mm bullet, you actually get a text on your phone saying "You are being shot at by a 9mm, don't worry, just ignore him and walk away."
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