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Thinking about buying a S&W M&P15-22?

So after some homework, I think I want to buy an M&P15-22? Definately looking for more of an AR trainer more than just a tacticool toy. Here is what I think I know so far...

Pro's - Very light weight. Almost exactly the same fire controls and placement of a real M4. All my AR mall ninja and Magpul koolaide stuff will hang off this gun too. The bolt release actually works on the M&P vs the Colt/Umarex. Newest models have threaded barrels for A2 flash hiders or cans. The mag changes are way better than on a 10/22. 2 stage trigger groups can be dropped right in the lower. Ammo is cheaper than 5.56mm.

Con's - Plastic receiver vs metal. Buffer tube is built into the receiver. History of ejector problems on the 1st run models and needing to be sent back to S&W for repairs but run great after? Barrels cant be swapped out for aftermarket barrels. $450 is alot for a .22 plinker.

I dont own an AR or an AR lower so a Spikes upper or CMMG 22 kit is not an option I want to consider. I also dont want to build up a 10/22 to look like an AR. All the controls are different and I have already been there and done that. I had fun with the 10/22 kits but its time to move on for me.

Am I missing anything? If you own this gun tell me the real world issues and praises of this gun before I commit 100% to buying it please.

I pretty much like this setup...
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