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Originally Posted by mikeyU View Post
I thought the Tantal had a short barrel life? maybe read it from a bad source. If it is longer that would be a nice surprise. My Tantal shots fine doesnt keyhole even when hot, I think its hit or miss with the keyhole factor, or they fixed the problem completely on newer ones. I still an wary and wont buy another century because of the issue and am going SLR with the next 74. Either way I do like my tantal alot and would like another ecspecially with a chromelined barrel.
It is a Century(my first question too), A friend has it, bought it new and it's still unfired in the box. I'm going to do the bullet test and look it over REAL good before I buy. It comes with 2 30rd Bulgy mags as well and the price is a steal! He tells me it's a 1-9" barrel? We'll see but I think I may heave the 5.45 bug anyways so a new 5.45 is gonna be in my future regardless more than likely.
gp35fn, that's a very nice collection you've got there! I love the plum one, just something abou that plum furniture, looks great!
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