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Walther PPK Problems

Hello. I bought a new PPK .380.


I'm at the range for the first time, I slingshot one in the chamber, take the safety off, pull the trigger, and "click." I look at the round and there is a pretty significant indentation in the primer. I load the round again, pull the trigger, and it goes off.

The same thing happened 60 rounds later with another brand of ammo.

This gun is very tight. I have it well-lubricated, but in the first 80 rounds, I had four failures to feed because the rim would not properly slide underneath the extractor. Here is a photo of this phenomenon:


I suspect the problem is that the loaded chamber indicator is getting in the way, as can be seen in the photo. Any other ideas?

Since shooting it, I have degreased the firing pin channel and now it is much smoother. Before when I pressed the hammer up against the firing pin it was crunchy, with two or three stages. Now it is just one stage and smooth.
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