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I'm not going to argue with anyone's personal experience... it is what it is.

Does the 357 Sig offer advantages over a 9mm +p+? Yes. More velocity and greater energy.

Does the 9mm +P+ offer advantages over the 357 Sig? Yes. More capacity and less recoil.

The 357 Sig is a perfectly capable round - no doubt about it! My concern is when people act like since they are armed with a 357 Sig that they are carrying an "instant death ray", hence the name of this thread.... "357 Sig proving to be an unbelieveable manstopper". Sorry but the 357 Sig is not an "unbelieveable manstopper". A perfectly capable manstopper? Yes! Does it have advantages over other calibers? Yes! Does it have disadvantages to other calibers? Yes!

It is my opinion that a 38 Super would be a better choice for a defensive round because you don't loose any capacity over a 9mm.
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