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I have two XDs and they far prefer Remington yellow/green 125 HPs. Hotter than the Rangers, and a bit more muzzle flash at night, though it isn't as flashy as some(kind or purple rather than bright yellow or orange) . My SIG P239 prefers the Rangers. Honestly the diff is not that significant until you get out to 50 yards, and realistically, not many situations going to justify making a shot at that range. Both my XD chambers are tight, some of the cheap Speer TMJ stuff wont chamber, goes into the SIG. The Gold Dots work ok too, good bullet design, I have some, and will use it when I rotate my REM and WIN stuff into the backstop. Accuracy wise they are in the middle, and so far they chamber in the XDs, but I reload 90+% of what i shoot .
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