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Originally Posted by JBarbaresi View Post
i have heard too many stories of peope receiving DT ammo that isn't loaded with Gold Dot bullets lately, don't know what's going on with the company but that's what been reported by buyers lately. You can't go wrong with factory GD ammo, its the choice of most police agencies who carry 357. bullet setback is another one of those fantasy "he said/she said" things. I've never experienced it and most people who claim its an issue have never personally experienced it either. Another I would recommend you look into is the Federal HST 125gr.
DoubleTap does indeed use GoldDot ammo. Because of two different types of GoldDot bullets being made (one shallow and one deep) has led some people to suspect that they aren't getting the genuine article, they are.

As far as bullet setback goes, if you own a 357 Sig take a mag full of Speer GoldDots measure them with a set of quality calipers and then cycle them through your weapon like I did when I wanted to test a new extractor I had recently replaced. Now measure them and see how they compare to your original measurements. It is beyond me why someone would disbelieve that a round like the 357 Sig with that tiny little bit of brass holding the actual bullet in place couldn't possibly have bullet setback problems.
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