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Hmm...I think S&B just made my pitch list. I've been using it for "lost brass" matches and have actually been able to recover most of it recently.

I was just loading some that was a mix of first reload brass and brass I'd already loaded and shot at least once. It was giving me a real hard time on the bell/powder drop station, not wanting to bell, and then not wanting to let go of the powder funnel. When I randomly gaged a few, a lot of them would fall into the gage, but needed to be pushed out. A few wouldn't fall all the way in. It seemed as though the brass was bulging around where the base of the seated bullet was. The Win and FC brass I loaded tonight all dropped in and out of the gage. I ended up gaging all the S&B and most of the Win and FC...and then tried dropping the questionable ones into my dirty G17 barrel. I ended up pulling 6 bullets and tossing 6 primed cases. I think I'll shoot up the S&B I've loaded and not try to recover it.

Tonight was the fist time I've loaded FC brass. It was amazingly easy compared to the S&B. It resized like it wasn't there, and didn't stick on the powder funnel at all.
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