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I have always advocated folks get what the heart desires...if you are already leaning towards the Benelli and can obviously afford it (you just bought 2 other guns you said?) then just go for the Benelli and dont look back.

I just bought a Benelli SuperNova tactical pump about 4 hours ago and I absolutely love Benellis now.

As for the M4. The ARGOS system is obviously top shelf technology. I just bought the Mossberg 930 SPX about 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. It cycles cheap low brass WalMart bulk birdshot like water which makes for a very fun day out in the desert. And cheap to shoot. A bulk pack of 100 is only about $21 at my area WalMart.

The only negative issue with the Benelli is that I have seen the M3 Super 90 malfunction with low brass birdshot. OO-buck or heavy field loads only. That can get expensive but hey you are not buying it for shotgun plinking fun, you are buying it for serious combat or home defense right? Thats what the M4 is built for.

The 930 SPX is built off basically a bird hunting gun receiver so of course it should cycle birdshot well. I personally have no need for the collapsible stock since I dont wear body armor for home defense or when plinking but would still like to have one so the wife and kids could adjust to shoot it.

Plus the 930 SPX gives me all the tacticool feel & function I need at a decent price of $695 out the door. If I were richer of course I'd splurge on a $1500 shotgun, but I am just a blue collar worker trying to live under my means during this economic recession.

Good luck with the Benelli!

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