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If your heart is set on the Benelli then you should get it even if you have to wait a few months longer until you can save the extra money. If you don’t then you will always be comparing what ever you get to the Benelli. Just like mixflip I also have the Mossberg 930 SPX and for $657 out the door it has everything I would expect a tactical home defense shotgun to have. My 930 SPX is chambered for 12 gauge 2 ¾ and 3” that functions flawlessly with target loads, to magnum loads and slug loads. The magazine capacity is 7+1 and each 930 SPX comes with factory mounted Picatinny rail and LPA/M16 style Ghost Ring sights, Every 930 SPX even comes with a set of specially designed spacers for horizontal or vertical adjustment angel of the stock for a custom feel. I'm retired so for me a great value at $657. mixflip here I go agan. If you what to see the gun in action check out mixflip’s range review video. Good luck with what ever gun you get.
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