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I can't wait to pose questions on the following topics:

9mm versus .45 ACP
Why .40 S&W KBs
How 10mm might end the world
Glock versus 1911
Shotgun, Rifle, or Pistol for home defense
Isosceles versus Weaver
Clips and Magazines
Why expensive guns come in cheap boxes
Concealing/carrying in restricted areas without being caught
Whether or not a "no weapons" sign was properly displayed
Getting out of speeding tickets
How to get a restraining order and/or stalking charges dropped
How to make my Glock fully automatic
When it is acceptable to brandish or threaten with a firearm

"Guns always work better the cleaner they are... Remember to keep it lubed always and clean it when you can and you will be much better off over the long haul." -Larry Vickers
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