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mixflip, thank you for all your help. I was a bit "peeved" by not being able to get the Skeleton Collapsible stock, but another $135 for the piece to bring it up to full capacity ???!!!

Mix, your youtube review was great, and Im going to go with the Mossberg. I have a 500 that I have owned for over ten years, it was the first gun I ever purchased for myself. So it looks like its going to have a Semi-Auto brother soon.

But can you do the Benelli loading trick with the mossberg ? You know, put a shell on the lifter, to get an extra shell in there ?

Load up 7 in the mag tube, with the bolt CLOSED. Then retract the bolt rearward just enough to drop one on the lifter, and finally one in the chamber. Let the bolt slide shut.

The key is to retract the bolt rearward enough to place the shells on the lifter and in the chamber, without reaching the bolt's rear locking position. It's difficult to do with a shot timer running or in competition reloading situation. It is a nice technique to master when you are told to "load and make ready"!

Next question, how does the M1 Super 90 compare ? Ive seen some great deals on those.
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