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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
Lol. Your my official PR dept. here at Glock Talk. I promise to kick you back some gifts if I ever I start getting sponsors like Nutnfancy.
Ha,Ha,Ha, thank you. mixflip I read a few forums and it maybe just me but ever since your field strip videos were posted on Youtube Iíve been seeing fewer and fewer threads talking about problems with the 930 SPX. I think most, if not all problems people are having with their automatic shotgun are due to improper maintenance. I just canít imagine paying up to and even over a $1,000 for a comparable shotgun when ours will shoot just as good plus have some great factory installed extras. And our guns as you are will aware of will shoot the $21.00 dollar 100 shell value packs from Wal-Mart all day long. The Mossberg 930 SPX is just an all around great value. Sorry for going on and on again. Stay safe.
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