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Another thing to consider : for me in Jersey we can't have autoloading shotguns with a pistol grip. The whole deal with the M4 is that fancy tactical stock. The 930 SPX I have is the regular stock model. So I couldn't really even consider the Benelli M4. I really wanted the M2 by but my 930 SPX is more versatile and I'm as happy as i would be with the M2 at half price ( better than half cause i got a plain soft case, 3 boxes of different shells, a hoppes cleaning kit , and tax )

if I decide to add a pump I'll probably follow mixflips well thought out strategy and fulfill my Lamborghini/Ferrari I mean Benelli fix with the pump synthetic Super Nova.

Cannot stress how awesome the 930 SPX , regardless of price. The price is even more gravy. It's like having a Hummer H1A and a Corvette but paying for a Cobalt.

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