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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
The SuperNova is probably the best value for $500 in a pump shotgun you can buy today. I love the 870's but I could not deny the facts and features of the new SuperNova. It won shotgun of the year a few years back for a reason. I try not to buy stuff solely on blind faith to a brand or hype. The 870 is an amazing shotgun and I will own one someday when I need another pump but it is based on 1950's technology. Caburators work but so does fuel injection. The SuperNova is just a product of advancement that comes with time, new technology and Italian engineering. There is nothing wrong with that.

If Remington or Mossberg made a gun with all the features the Benelli has guess what? I'd be buying their gun.
Chrome lined barrels to fight corrosion,
rotating dual lug bolt head like an M14
mag stop button,
safety button forward of the trigger guard, thats oversized from the factory
polymer armor coating like a Glock mag,
built in sling studs,
ghost ring sights,
recoil reducing stock with no springs,
non-spring loaded load gate that doesnt pinch your fingers, locks out of the way like Mossbergs
Remington style slide release button
hi viz follower from the factory,
spring loaded pinned extractor vs riveted,
shoots everything up to 3.5" shells
60 seconds to field strip and reassemble...

C'mon thats alot of bang for the buck.

Of course non of this stuff is NEEDED to do the job of sending 00-buck down range but for an extra $150 you get alot over the traditional 870's and 500s.

Here is a good short review on it from if you are interested
mixflip, you got me scratching my head.

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