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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
Lol...sorry Frank and Scrappy. Hey life aint bad if you end up owning a Mossberg 930 SPX and a Benelli SuperNova Tactical.

Btw way guys I have a new Benelli SuperNova review just posted on youtube if you really want to learn more about my new pump shotgun in detail. Hopefully I dont piss off too many Remington & Mossberg pump lovers? part 1 part 2
I have a Nova that I use for Duck/Goose hunting. It is built like a tank. A couple of friends have them as well. They have been used as paddles, poles for pushing off river banks ( unloaded of course ) bounced around canoes and trucks and generally beat all to hell. One of my Friends refuses to clean his. Every once in a while he will aim some wd40 at it and hope some lands on it.
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