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Originally Posted by ScrappyDoo View Post
frank and mix, quick question. Do either of you have an , dare I say, Upgraded? barrel for the 930 SPX? I don't mean upgraded as in better... I mean, maybe, bigger/longer for different applications? I want to use my 930 as my tactical shotgun / HD weapon but also my "primary" shotgun ... and seeing as it's my only shotgun and it seems the next I purchase will also be a tactical model (The Benelli) and I'm not buying a new barrel for THAT mofo, I'd like to consider and maybe get some ideas/options for buying a new barrel for the Mossberg so I can increase its versatility...

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks gents.
ScrappyDoo I have the factory installed 18.5 barrel only but I see no reason why you would not be able to put any Mossberg 930 barrel on your SPX. The only difference between the 930 SPX and a field grade 930 is the finish, sights, magazine 2 shot extension and Picatinny rail. You should be able to remove your SPX barrel and slip on your hunting barrel, the finish will be different and you may have to go with a shorter magazine spring and end cap depending if your limited to the number of shells your gun can be loaded with when hunting in your state. You would also have to remove the rear ghost ring sight, but there should be room to look down the picatinny rail to the front bead of your hunting barrel. Hope this helps. mix may have more information.

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