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I am not 100% sure but I just looked at Mossbergs catalog magazine and there are tons of 930 hunting gun variations for duck, dove, turkey, ect. Since th eSPX is essentially based off a semi-auto hunting gun I dont see why any of those barrels wouldnt fit the SPX. Call or email Mossberg before you actually buy one just to be sure.

The only issue I can see is that your SPX has ghost ring sights. If you swap in a hunting barrel with a vent rib and bead sight. You will have to remove your rear ghost ring sight (which is easy) and either go with a holosight mounted on the picatinny rail or remove the picatinny rail all together and go 100% hunter style.

Also as Frank mentioned, you will probably need to buy a standard mag cap and a shell limiter dowel (or make your own if you are cheap like me) just to keep the Game Warden happy.

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