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Originally Posted by PastorDan View Post
Thanks to all for your post, I may not have to replace my barrel after all, it is the factory smooth barrel and I just assumed that it had no choke, but hearing about some alternate loads I think now it will just be a matter of changing the sights on what I have now to ghost rings I like them much better, thanks again
Loads from Remington, Winchester, Federal (and others) will probably pattern differently from your barrel. (Just like ice cream. . . . everybody doesn't like the same flavor. That's why they make chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!)

I suggest getting a couple of boxes (at least) of each of the popular 00B or 000B rounds, and see how they pattern in YOUR scattergun.
I also don't rely on just the 00 or 000 Buck.
#4 Buck has been used for years, too. (More pellets per shell.)

Yes, the Federal 00B with Flite-Control Wad is an excellent round, albeit more expensive than most of the others.

Lastly, welcome to GT!
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