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You'll have 22 rds available. Three mags w/7 and one in the pipe. That's what the "barney" mag is used for. If you get the 8 rd mags (I've had best luck w/Wilson 47D and Chip McCormick Power Mags, I've heard good things about the Wilson ETM) it gives you an additional 3 rds total. With a 1911, you're shooting CDP class, at a match, you'll need to declare whether you're using a 7 or 8 round mags and must use those throughout the match.

Yes, you've got fewer rounds than the SSP or ESP guys, so make your shots count. Also, think the stage through and figure out when your reloads should occur and when you may have the flexibility to make up a shot. CDP makes you think a bit more, but you get a bigger hole when it comes close to the line....
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