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Isnt it crazy how much a simple tube like a mag extension costs? $79 is alot of money for a part that mechanically is about as simple as it gets buy hey, it is very good quality.

I think the Nordic extension is amazing but in the grand scheme of things it isnt a "must have option". Kinda like the analogy of a hammer. A $10 dollar hammer will pound nails just as "effectively" as a $1000 hammer made out of a billet of titanium wit a carbon fiber handle. Are you really getting next generation performance out of an expensive part like a Nordic? It will impress folks though and that is important to some people.

Its a mag tube. They are cave man simple. I have had Choate and Tac-Star mag tubes in the past that did the job flawlessly and contrary to the hype, they never fell off or broke off.

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