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Originally Posted by sharpshooter View Post
Nice, but that's not a laminate stock.
Sorry I was going by this : AK -Adjustable Muzzle Brake *
B -Laminate Stock *
C -Clip (Detachable Box Mag.) *
F -Synthetic Stock *
G -Hardwood Stock *
L -Left Hand *
LE -Law Enforcement *
ML -Muzzleloader *
*NS -No Sights *
P -Police *
SE -Safari Express *
SS -Stainless Steel *
U -Ultra High Lustre *
V -Long Range (Heavy Barrel) *
XP -Package Gun *
Y -Youth *
Link to codes are posted above right of pics on Savage's site

Found on google. If it's not laminate what is? Real wood hopefuly? Please hopfully not wood looking plastic ? Thanks for the help and info. Anything I Need to know about it or savage?

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