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G38 vrs. G30SF: 1st Impression

Well, as they say...surprise, surprise. Not only was the G38 nicer to shoot (quicker and more compact) than the bigger brother G37, I decided to compare it to the G30SF, which is very similar in overall dimensions and power.

First off, recoil is similar; however, controllability is better with the longer, thinner, more manageable grip on the G38. It seems the G30SF wants to twist more. Also, the feel of the medium framed G38 with a thinner slide is much nicer. I know that's subjective, but when comparing, the G30SF is "much more blocky." As far as accuracy is concerned, I believe they are both inherently accurate; however, once again, you get more out of the smaller, medium frame, with double taps, as well as slow fire. Although the G38 capacity is eight compared to the G30SF 10, it's much easier to drop mags versus the G30SF subcompact with extension. And I guess it would not hurt to carry an extra G37 10 rd. for CCW.

Too bad dealers don't offer this side by side comparison at shooting ranges. When S&W cut and reengineered the 10mm creating the 40 S&W, the world thought more power on a medium frame gun was heaven on earth. However, when Gaston did the same to the .45ACP, the criticism of the 45 GAP put a damper on the virtues of the G38.

P.S. The new LWD .45 GAP barrel was nice, tight and accurate with lead bullets.

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