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3 out of the 4 of the Deltas I ran (older production models) got the following:
solid stainless steel 1-piece guide rod
22lb recoil spring
oversized rear plate fitted
Brown firing pin/hammer/sear fitted

All 4 were run with Metalform 9-shot steel-follower mags with extended rubber baseplate (Metalform made some of Colt's mags as I understand it). Some of the had other Brown parts (beavertail, ext. safety, magwell, etc.) and 1 had Trijicon standard nightsights installed (never found the 'low/snagfree' 1911 sights to be necessary).

In my experience, your pistol will require tweaking/smithing/parts replacement to run 100%. Only 1 factory 1911 ever ran properly right out of the box for me (SA TRP), and the 10mm has it's own quirks. The Colt dual-spring and guiderod are the SUCK in my experience.

If it doesn't feed, you can give it Hornady 200gr XTP or CorBon PowRBall 'til it's fixed (both have nice roundish bullet profiles).
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