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First AR Suggestions?

Alright, so I'm fairly new to the AR world.
I've been researching a lot lately for a pretty long time and just can't decide. I'm looking for a stock, bare bones AR to start learning the fundamentals on. I want to possibly start building my own in the future, farther down the line. But I'm just looking for something to shoot for now that I may build onto later. I want a 20 inch barrel, flip up iron sights, rails, and a decent mount. I don't want to pay much for it since it will be my first and I plan to buy another somewhere down the road. I'd be willing to spend 800$ or so on this AR but like I said, down the road I will be willing to buy or build more costly ARs.

Sorry for this sloppy post, I've been up all night doing research.

In Ericks description of you he mentions archery...
I would also like to talk to you about that later on in PM's if you'd be willing.

Thanks again.
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