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I got the same rifle at Dicks. I didn't understand the BXP label either, unless Dicks just labeled it wrong, which is my guess.

It's a nice little rifle for the money. I don't have but a few hundred rounds through mine, but it's accurate with most ammo.

There is a trigger mod to make the trigger better. It basically consists of loosing the trigger assy screws and sliding a shim under it. Some people have used feeler gauges cut down, but I used a piece cut from an aluminum can folded over 5 times. You can see in the big pic, the posters used what looks to be brass or copper. It's directly above the red dot, as I pointed out to another guy.

Here is a link to the last page in the stickied thread titled "Savage Trigger Shim" at RFC.

The thread is old enough that at the beginning of the thread, the trigger assy was different. That large pic on the last page is identical to mine, and probably yours. You can scan through for more details. It doesn't take 30 minutes to do it and makes a significant difference.

It's personal preference, but I took a Dremel to the right edge, and right\bottom point of the trigger. It was uncomfortable for me and a little chamfer on the corner and point made a quite a difference in my comfort level. It's a sweet little trigger now.
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