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Originally Posted by zoyter2 View Post
Your lack of blood thirst and aversion to killing anyone who looks cross-ways at you will NOT help you fit in here.

The correct answer is, of course, kill everyone in sight. Then spit on the bodies.
What can I I have gotten older I have become somewhat wuss-ified. I just do not see the appeal in fighting just to prove a point or over pride. If I am not armed it might be a different story, but since I am almost always armed I avoid trouble at all costs. Luckily I am not the type of guy that gets harassed alot. I am not the biggest guy, but I am a good 6'-6'1" and weight in at 220-225lbs so there is usually a more appealing target to be found. Plus my friends say I have the "crazy eyes." That helps keep people away.

Tactics and Training
"Laugh all you want, but when the zombies come we both know whose house you will be running to for protection."
- My response to friends that laugh at me for collecting firearms
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