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Originally Posted by gatorhugger View Post
If you are walking out of store, some man asks for change,
then gets obnoxious, then gets in your face and imples he is
going to "kick your 'butt;"
Do you -
1. pull your concealed weapon and tell them to back off
2. Pull your weapon and proceed to unleash hell
3. Wait until you are pushed to pull weapon
4 wait until you are punched to pull weapon
5. Refuse to draw weapon even if punches are raining down on you.
because other guy doesn't have a weapon.

Not a far fethced scenario. I have had this happen, and never pulled my
gun, we both went down swinging until security got there. On hindsight I think I should have shot the SOB.
One punch in the wrong side of head could have killed this old man.
Or he could have pulled a knife and fatally stabbed me while we were on the ground or wrestling around.
But then again, maybe I did the right thing since I am still a free man.
Tough call.
You did fine. These situations develop fast and unexpectedly.

In an after action review, one could note that "distance is your friend". Personally, strange people intent on getting close to me provoke me to be alert. My training is to first, if possible, run away. That means running (not walking) away, no matter how stupid it looks, because the "new friend" will not be prepared to deal with this at this stage in the game. If that is not possible, and danger/contact is imminent (you are grabbed, etc.), a reflexive (very fast!!!) kick to the kneecap or shin is in order (depending on how close you are). Then run like heck.

My old MA instructor used to drill into us that most folks got hurt because they were too embarrassed to RUN from trouble.

I think a modest repertoire of unarmed defensive skills (you don't have to be a match for Chuck Norris!!!) is very useful.
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