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The bolt action has MANY advantages for a beginner of any age...the first being safety. I would probably lean toward a mag fed bolt gun, because she will probably out grow the Single Shot routine fairly quickly. I also believe ANY beginner starts with 1 rd. at a time. It gives time for thought and discussion and relieves the pressure on both student and instructor of a loaded weapon that may or may not have a rd. in the chamber. No insult to anyone is's just maintaining complete safety control thru what can be a bit unexpectedly challenging at times.
Mossbergs are another good choice...but they're not pink. They also come in shorter LOP sizes than many others which means that you can get a rifle that fits...then, if she likes it, paint it later. If she doesn't, it's still marketable. Most beginners also are more successful with a rear peep sight than V sights.
All of this comes from having several grandkids in the CMPs Jr. Rifle program. I can take no personal credit for it...but it all works well.

I was thinking of the older Mossys. Forgot about the 702.

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