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I still have my first real auto, a Colt Combat Commander, electroless nickel, which I have shot the snot out of over the years, pushing 40Krounds, but she jams every now and then, loose as a goose. I also have a Walther P-5 I got wholesale back in the late '80s, someone had a dealer order it and did not pay up front. I worked at a gun shop and knew what they cost and sold for, so I traded for it. The magazines were terribly expensive, but a P-38 mag can be modified. I like the SIG 220 and the HK USP, a tie . I have a lot of favorites I guess. A pristine Swedish Lahti, to go with 4 different Swede rifles. A very beat up Soviet Nagant, dated 1937(kind of creepy, year of one of the purges) it is a bring back or pre 68 import. I have a '20s vintage Colt Police Positive, 98% that is nice too. I guess what ever I am using is my favorite.
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