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Thanks all! I am thinkiing about just calling Dick's and Savage HQ and keep pestering info on what the model is.

Mine is NOT Accutrigger and Not the heavy barrel... I read on some google links that some shooters prefer the Mark II in the non-heaVy barrel, some claim it improves accuracy.. Also came with a Bushnell scope, and I agree it's not ALL that ,but as much as I love my Remington 597 from Dick's as well, the scope on this Savage is way nicer than the "Remington" scope... I'm satisfied with it to leave it, but I will probably like to buy a new scope for the Remington (maybe one of those $200-$300 Leupold jobs?) ...

Anyway thanks to everyone, please feel free to continue to add info/tips/wisdom I can definitely use all the info I can get. -Scrap.

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