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First you must decide if you are going to zero your laser for 1 single distance or for more than one distance. If you zero it for 15 yards go to the range sandbag your weapon put the target at 15 yds fire 1 well aimed shot, move the laser to cover the shot hole. You now have a laser zeroed for 15 yds anything closer or further away and yo will have to use a hold over or hold off. If you run your laser parallel to the bore you will have a laser ( providing it holds alignment) that is parallel to the bore for as far as you can see the laser.This method usually requires you to use another laser or some other device in the bore of your weapon. Or you need to know the off set distance and position of the laser from the center of the bore to the center of the laser module. and apply that at a particular range usually 25 or 50M as is done in the military.
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