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Really bad accuracy with DT

I'm still getting used to my G20. So far, I have shot Remington 180-gr UMC FMJ, Buffalo Bore "Heavy 10mm" 180-gr. JHP, and Double Tap 180-gr. w/Nosler JHP.

I have also shot a good quantity of .40 S&W through it with a conversion barrel from KKM.

Accuracy with the loads:

Remington - good
Buffalo Bore - adequate
Double Tap - awful
Any .40 S&W - great

Normally I am a very good shot with the pistol. I cut out ragged holes with pretty much any of my carry pistols up to .45 ACP, but there's a problem somewhere in the system with the hot 10mm stuff.

Do you think it's shooter error, or have any of you had accuracy problems with premium hot 10mm ammo, and DT in particular?
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