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Well, I'm not very long winded so this will be pretty brief.

Brocks Gap is a members only club and there's not really any place to work there. We do most of what we need to do with member volunteers. Go to to see what's it all about. There is a lot that goes on on weekends, but I don't think it gets too crowded most of the time. Brocks Gap is open 9 to 9 so With Daylight Saving Time, I can drop by on my way home and burn a few rounds most any day. Matchs are open to the public so membership is not required for that.

As to IDPA, you can shoot most any CCW pistol or revolver. You'll need a strong side holster that covers the trigger guard and two mag pouches or 3 speed loaders for revolver. A concealment garment is required. Most stages are scenario driven. A lot of shooting on the move, shooting from cover, etc. Folks who shoot IDPA with you will always be extremely helpful, so if you've shot USPSA, you shouldn't have any problems. There are differences. In IDPA you conserve ammo (no live mags dumped on the ground). You use cover and you shoot on the move. The rules can be pretty much boiled down to: Shoot target as they become available, don't expose yourself to unengaged targets when you've got cover, shoot on the move if you're in the open, don't be reloading where someone can shot at you. Use cover when its available. Go to for a downloadable rule book and more info about the sport. Another site to look at is

Hope this helps.
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