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Originally Posted by StoneRaven View Post
I do not intend to purchase laser grips for each of my handguns, although I may equip a few others with it. The G19 is my daily carry handgun, and the advantages of being able to concentrate on the target and not the front sight and being able to shoot accurately with the firearm in odd positions (like from the hip) will make my carry handgun a more valuable and efficient tool. Additionally, the laser grip equipped Glock, continues to fit perfectly in my Comp-Tac M-Tac.
Glad to hear that the LG-417 fits well with your G-19 and M-TAC. I have a G-23 (same frame size as G-19) and an M-TAC holster. I'm looking at lasers and want to make sure I get one that fits in the holster. Does anyone know if the LG-619 fits in an M-TAC? It's $100 cheaper, don't want to spend the extra cash for no reason.
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