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Glad you got the Kahr K9. I really like my K9. I like how it's thinner than my Glock. It's extremely accurate and feels solid in my hand. It has also been reliable. I like the extra weight because it can tame recoil; this makes it a joy to shoot at the range.

Watch out to make sure your spare mags don't spit out bullets when they bounce around, otherwise you may be left with an empty mag when you need it. The cartridges in the magazines can easily slip out. Often times I will have 3-4 rounds that have fallen out of the magazine after an extended outing. My advice to you is to find a magazine pouch or something that prevents the cartridges from coming out of the magazine. I never have this problem with my Glock magazines.

The only two things I wish were different with my Kahr: that the trigger had a lighter pull (luckily the pull is nice and smooooth!) and that the recoil spring wasn't so damn strong. It can be a pain to take apart and I'm glad it came with that crazy orange spacer to help with the take apart.
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