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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
From the simple RAW DATA you're putting here, it would seems that your accuracy is being reduced proportionally as the power is increased.

.40 - least powerful - "great accuracy"
Rem - mild 10mm, a bit more powerful - "good accuracy"
Buffalo Bore - very hot loads - "adequate accuracy"
DT - hottest stuff around - "awful"

Not trying to say anything bad or be rude in the least but ... have you considered the possibility that you are flinching more and more with the more powerful loads? Have you had anyone else shoot groups next to you to compare between shooters? Are you shooting from a bench, slowly, with some gloves or freehand speed shooting?

Things to consider. Many new shooters don't understand or even believe that they are pulling shots until they are "shown" what they're doing (ie, a laser gun sight or a accidental bad flinch, etc). As I said, I don't know how long you've been shooting or if you're already aware of this.... so, just thought I'd offer.

FWIW, I've never had any accuracy problems with DT stuff.... in fact, its some of the more accurate stuff. Practice, Practice, Practice!
No offense taken at all, I've made mention several times that I believe the problem could be me - especially if no one else seems to have accuracy problems with the ammo.

I'm not a new shooter... been shooting for many years and I take pride in trigger discipline that I work on ad nauseum with snap caps and range sessions.

But - I mostly shoot the standard service calibers, so this is the first time I've shot a magnum-level round from an autoloader. When I started getting bad accuracy with the DT ammo, I really put my best trigger discipline game on and took a while to aim and make the shots. Didn't pay didvidends...

Anyway, I've been a miser with this stuff because it's so costly. It would be worth my money to go through more rounds and practice with the full strength until I either improve myself or really identify a material vice user error.
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