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Re: Looking for a self-defense/survival/utility folder...

Dear CCF,

I am not familiar with the laws in Oklahoma, as each county and municipality in every state have their on individual laws and ordinances. I am not a big fan of autos because the more complex something is the more it is prone to failure, i.e. the P08-Luger. And if you ever have to use your knife in a self defense situation with either an auto or an assisted opening knife you will be in for some very serious cross examining by the law regardless of it is legal or not. (I am an expert witness for the Los Angeles DA- I have seen it happen).

As to blades, carry what is legal (be aware of blade length). Blade styles and shapes is most important to me since I have carried everything and they all do the job as long as they are sharp and easy to get to under stress. The Tanto is strong, easy to sharpen and pierces very effectively. Always, I repeat always get a blade with partial serrations, no matter what any other knife expert tells you. I have used them in 3 life saving situations. Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
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