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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
Sounds like you're on the right track to working out your accuracy riddle. Here's my one suggestion (since you seem to know what needs to be done and are actively "doing" it): Don't strive to get out and blow a billion rounds down the tube in the name of "practice". Rather, practice more OFTEN. Ideally, you would go shooting every day in a week but shooting only 25-45 rounds a day. That's what works for me, at least. Its the muscle memory that sets in...not the sheer number of rounds.

My problem is that I don't live out in the woods or I WOULD do that. I have to drive 30 miles to the range and its only open on ONE of my days off a week.... so I don't get the opportunity that I really NEED to stay an ace shot.... but during those times that I DO have that opportunity, my groups shink down to the best they get after a couple consecutive days of shooting.
Same boat here - range is 32 miles away and best I can do is one day a week or every other week. I make do at other times with snap cap/draw practice at home, and reload ammo on other days just to get some kind of gun Zen going.

This amount of practice is okay for me for stand and plink kind of stuff. I can get good groups with my usual service caliber ammo right from the get go. Drawing from the holster under time constraint is a different story... I do need some warmup to get decent groups if training like that.

I'm going to load up some 10mm to 75% levels next and see what happens. Granted there may be some variability with my hand loads as I get a recipie ironed out, but I've been known to nail a recipie on the first try. Going with what 527varmint said - if I load up some moderately hot stuff and get good groups, I'll know it's not me or my gun, and from there I can jack up the powder levels and see what happens to accuracy.

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